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Why The Intimidator 15XPC Is The Ideal Compact Chipper

If you’re looking for a compact yet powerful drum chipper, look no further than Bandit’s 15XPC. Built stronger with the highest quality components and assembled with solid welded construction, The Intimidator 15XPC is guaranteed to outlast and outperform all other 15-inch chippers out there. Take a look at the features that make this one of the most popular drum chippers available on the market today.

Designed For Ease & Consistency

Two 15” capacity chippers (15XPC & 15XP) are offered from Bandit, The Intimidator 15XPC is more compact and can easily towed thanks to its slim design. The machine weighs approximately 6,8000 pounds and offered with a variety of gas and diesel engine options ranging from 74 to 165 horsepower. Measuring 24 inches in diameter and 18 and 3/4 inches wide, the 15XPC drum is equipped with four knives. The four knife drum provides double the cuts per revolution compared to competitive two knife drums. More cuts per revolution create a smooth, yet efficient chipping action with less vibration.

15XPC 2020 06 005 hr

Patented Feed System

Bandit’s Patented Slide Box feed system is a trouble-free system allowing the top feed wheel to travel straight up and down providing direct down pressure as material enters the chipper drum. This dual wheel feed system generates a tremendous amount of pulling and compressing power, reducing the need to trim or reposition material. Down pressure springs are mounted on each side giving adequate down pressure and can be adjusted depending on the type of material being processes. A standard hydraulic lift cylinder adds significant down pressure, reducing the need to fight the machine to get material through it.

15XP 2020 05 D 003 3

Maximum Uptime & Limited Downtime

Like all Bandit chippers, the 15XPC is designed to reduce downtime. All maintenance items are easily accessible by removing access covers or are out in the open to make maintenance simple and quick! All electronic components are minimized and hydraulics or mechanical systems are used as much as possible. The durability of each chipper is a reason so many customers around the world choose Bandit and this is backed by a 5 year “GUTS” warranty covering the Bandit fabricated components of the drum and feed system.

15XP 2020 05 007 lr

The Intimidator 15XPC guarantees maximum performance, is built to have the most extended lifespan on the market, and comes fully equipped with features that increase operator productivity over time. So, if you’re in the market for a drum chipper, give us a call here at Cal-Line today for more information on pricing and availability. Or come by and see the Intimidator 15XPC in action. Drop by any of our locations or contact our team to schedule a personal demo. We would love to demonstrate what this machine can do for you!

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