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Why the Beast® 3680 is the Most Popular Reduction Machine in the World

Bandit’s line of horizontal grinders known as “The Beast”, are the most versatile units available on the market. The model 3680 is a great solution as it is highly productive, fuel efficient, durable, and produces a truly amazing range of end-products. Check out some of the key features that make the Bandit 3680 the greatest grinder on the market!

One of a kind Cuttermill

The heart of the 3680, is a Patented Cuttermill that will cut material apart opposed to the beating action of competitive grinders. This process is best described by comparing an axe to a sledgehammer, which would you prefer to use to cut down a tree? When processing wood waste, this style of grinding will save time and money.

The cuttermills mounted in each Beast grinds material in a downward motion, working in conjunction with the infeed conveyor and feed wheel. This cutting process creates a more uniform end product as material is less likely to turn or roll during grinding.

Each cuttermill features cutterbodies that are attached to heavy-duty support arms. The cutterbody utilizes a raker positioned ahead of the tooth regulating the cutting depth. This process correctly sizes material on the initial cut and allows material to immediately pass through the screen and exit the grinding chamber. By grinding this way, each machine relies less on the screen and gate to size material, reducing overall wear.


Create a high-quality end product

A wide variety of cutting teeth are available to effectively process a diverse range of material. These teeth are either 1” or 2” wide depending on the mill configuration. The 3680 is available with a “fan” style tooth assisting with pushing material through the screen increasing production while reducing wear on the cutterbody. It is recommended to run at least half fan style teeth on the cuttermill of a 3680.

Screens and gates are utilized to assist with achieving a desired end product size. Available size ranges include from 5/8” to 7” hole sizes and are available in Modified Diamond, Round and Square configurations. The gate can be opened by the standard remote control allowing a contaminant to quickly exit the grinding chamber reducing damage to the mill components.


Bandit control panel

The Bandit 3680’s control panel is intuitive and easy to operate. This panel displays information about run time, fuel usage, and other engine parameters. Proportional feed is standard on the 3680 and part of the control panel. This feature regulates the feed system as the engine begins to lose RPM. Featuring 5 feed speed settings, proportional feed gives adequate adjustments effectively processing various material types creating a more consistent end product.

Height adjustable discharge conveyor

The 3680 is standard with a foldable height adjustable discharge. The discharge has a magnetic head pulley at the end to separate nails and other metallic debris that goes through the grinder. 3 speed adjustments can easily be adjusted depending on the type of material being processed.  The conveyor has a stacking height of 17 feet, but the discharge belt will also go all the way down to 7 feet for maximum versatility.


Optional Air Compressor

Another way we help keep your machine clean and simplify maintenance is by ordering the optional air compressor. That means you can change the teeth on the machine, blow down, and clean up your machine without any outside help. You won’t need a truck as everything is self-contained on the grinder, keeping things as efficient as possible so you can keep working to get the job done.

Are you ready to experience the Bandit 3680 grinder in person to see what it can do for you? Come by and see us at any of our Cal-Line locations or contact our team to schedule a demo. We would love to show you this machine here or on-site at your yard. Come see why the Bandit 3680 is the greatest grinder ever made!

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