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Why The Bandit SG-40 Stump Grinder Is One Of Our Most Popular Machines

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The Bandit SG-40 is a compact, go-anywhere stump grinder perfect for both backyard jobs and stump grinding professionals looking to get from one site to another with maximum efficiency. With its cutting-edge innovations that promise more performance and productivity, it’s no wonder the SG-40 is such a popular stump grinder. Read on to learn more about the features that make this one of Cal-line’s most sought-after machines.

A Perfect Size for Most Jobs

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Don’t let the small size of this machine fool you, as it is fully capable of grinding larger-diameter stumps. The 18-inch diameter cutter wheel is belt driven, and with a swing of 47 inches, even the largest stumps are eliminated quickly and effectively. Making this narrow but powerful Bandit SG 40 stump grinder perfect for stumps of various sizes.

Plus, at only 29 inches, this machine will fit through any gate, making it one of the most easy-to-maneuver stump grinders out there. The smaller size of this machine also means you’ll get more for your money. The Bandit SG-40 offers those in need of a versatile stump grinder a more economical choice.

Maximum Force, Power, and Speed


The Bandit SG-40 is equipped with a 38-horsepower Kohler EFI gas engine. As the largest engine available for this unit, it gives this small machine plenty of power. This easy-to-start engine also makes The Bandit SG-40 a breeze to operate and control, whether you’re a professional grinder or renting the machine for personal use.

Built with a better sense of gravity in mind, the location of the SG-40’s tracks and tanks offer a more even distribution of weight to provide maximum power, force, and leverage. Allowing you to easily tackle those inclined surfaces or uneven chip piles. Durable rubber tracks also help reduce the amount of shock for a smoother, well-balanced ride over even the roughest terrain.

And with a max travel speed of over 2.5 miles per hour, you can get from stump to stump in no time at all. The belt-driven system allows the machine to transfer the most horsepower available directly from the engine to the cutter wheel.

Intuitive Controls and Enhanced Operator Visibility

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A 3-point pivot control system at the back of the end feed offers right track, left track, swing, and up and down control. With the Bandit SG-40’s pivoting control module, you can swing this control system to either side of the machine that you prefer. This way, no matter where the stump is, you’ll be sure to have a clear view of the grinding action.

Two joysticks allow for efficient control of all machine functions, increasing both the versatility and productivity of this machine. On top of this, the levers and instrumentation have all been designed with proper ergonomics in mind, making the SG-40 a pleasure to run.

As you can see, the Bandit SG-40 allows for maximum performance and productivity. But don’t just take our word for it. Come see for yourself why the Bandit SG40 is our most popular machine. Visit us at any of our Cal-line locations or contact our team to schedule a demo. We’d love to demonstrate what the Bandit SG40 stump grinder can do for you and your yard!

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