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Why the Bandit 4680XP Track is Our Most Popular Horizontal Grinder

If you haven’t been acquainted with The Beast® Model 4680XP track horizontal grinder, now is the time. This high-production, no-compromise literal beast of a machine is simply unmatched in the market and is routinely trusted for everything from handling large piles of waste wood to processing bulky chunk wood, cleaning up storm damage and debris, and even recycling shingles for hot-mix asphalt.

Here are three main reasons why the 4680XP remains our most popular horizontal grinder.

1. The biggest cuttermill on the market

The 4680XP features a massive 59 1/2″ diameter x 63″ wide cuttermill equipped with 48 teeth attached to Bandit’s patented saw-tooth style cutterbody holder. This design regulates the size of the tooth’s cut and results in most of the material being sized in the initial cut, allowing the material to quickly exit the large screening area. The more uniform cutting process sustained by the grinder enables the 4680XP to efficiently process larger diameter material while minimizing machine vibration and reducing fuel consumption. The result? Faster processing, less wear and tear, and substantial savings on fuel costs.

The cuttermill is paired with a 16′ 3″ long x 60″ infeed with a double-slat, track-style infeed conveyor that delivers the expanded room needed for feeding the grinder a broad range of material. A 30″ diameter feed wheel further assists the pulling of material into the mill, while a standard proportional feed with 6-speed adjustments bolsters the grinder’s productivity and further increases its fuel efficiency.

Thanks to the cuttermill’s size and design, the 4680XP can easily grind trees and logs up to nearly four feet in diameter, including stubborn chunks of wood that would otherwise create slowdowns and choking on lesser grinders. These capabilities result in a horizontal grinder with maximum uptime that can crank out up to 800 yards of mulch per hour.

4680XP Track

2. Available 1,200 HP diesel engine

The 4680XP comes with three different engine options that range up to a CAT C32 1,200 HP diesel engine — a rarity in the horizontal grinder market. And while the 4680XP is formidable with any of the available engine sizes, the 1,200 HP version remains the most popular, as it offers the ideal match for the rest of the grinder’s high-level capabilities and overall performance.

When paired with this maximum engine size, the 4680XP is truly unleashed to provide industry-best performance that will significantly improve the speed at which you can complete even the biggest of grinding and cleanup jobs, all while reducing your fuel costs.

4680 4

3. The last grinder to plug or choke

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to have a grinder that can easily handle anything you can fit into the throat, this is it. With the 4680XP, the last thing you’ll have to worry about is the machine plugging or choking. The grinder’s combination of power, efficiency, and innovative cuttermill design all converge to deliver smooth grinding performance that will speed up even the most intensive jobs with the densest of materials.

Imagine the time and money you’ll save with a grinder that can ensure continual performance while getting the right cut size on the first pass — regardless of the material size.

Want to see what the 4680XP can do in person? Visit us at Cal-Line and see why we are the biggest distributor of Bandit chippers in the world. We maintain a huge stock of Bandit inventory that ranges from hand-fed chippers to stump grinders and even more. We also house an extensive parts & service department that will keep your machines running at peak performance. Drop by and see us today at any of our locations or contact our team to schedule a personal demo; we’d love to give you a personal demo to show what the 4680XP is capable of handling.




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