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Why Handbuilt Chippers Are Better

Founded by Mike Morey Sr. in 1983, Bandit was launched with a vision to manufacture chippers far better than the products available at the time. This goal was achieved early on with the now patented Slide Box Feed System, and the company hasn’t slowed down since.

Today, Bandit boasts over 340,000 square feet of manufacturing space and is completely employee-owned. While the company now employs over 600 people and serves 56 countries with over 50 different models of machines, the commitment to quality, durability, and reliability has never changed.

One core commitment that will never change is the company’s preference for building each chipper by hand instead of relying on an assembly line. Let’s examine some of the key reasons as to why handbuilt is always better —and what the results are.

Bay Assembly > Assembly Line

Assembly lines may be more efficient at producing a high number of products within a given time, but nothing compares to the expert craftsmanship and attention to detail provided by a small team of builders. Every Bandit chipper kit is hand-assembled in a bay by a team of two workers. The two-person team puts together each component and does the welding themselves.

Why Handbuilt Chippers Are Better Cal-Line

After assembly, The chipper goes into the quality control area before being acid-washed and painted. The team performs an inspection and examines aspects like the welding (more on that below). Hydraulics are then checked, the chipper is wired, and finally, one last inspection and it’s good to go.

By taking the time to give each chipper the attention it deserves, the Bandit assembly team can ensure that each machine retains a higher level of quality craftsmanship that improves both the performance and longevity of the chipper.

Better Welding

Welding quality is important with any type of machinery made of metal, but it’s even more vital for heavy machinery products like chippers.

Stitch welding — a method that involves making stitch-like welds — is often used as a shortcut for smaller, lighter metal products. While this may work for these products, it’s a poor choice for larger metal machinery because the stitch welds do not provide adequate reinforcement.

Why Handbuilt Chippers Are Better Cal-Line

During the hand assembly of a Bandit chipper, the team uses superior continuous welds along each welded area’s surface, essentially bonding entire parts together as one. This delivers the strength and added reinforcement needed to support the chipper from top to bottom — and ensures the chipper retains the durability required to last for years.

Better Warranties

Better craftsmanship means better warranties. Thanks to the hand-built nature of Bandit machines, each chipper comes with an industry-leading GUTS warranty for hand-fed and whole tree chippers. Bandit chippers are covered for five years or 3,000 hours, whichever comes first. This warranty covers the Bandit Slide Box Feed System, all Bandit fabricated components related to this system, the Bandit Disc/Drum Assembly, and all Bandit fabricated components related to the disc/drum.


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