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The Top 3 Most Popular Wood Chippers

If you’re a landscaper or tree care professional looking for the next addition to your machinery inventory, it can be a bit daunting to sort through all the various models of wood chippers out there. Allow us to narrow things down for you. Below, we’ve highlighted the three most popular hand-fed wood chippers from Bandit that are ideal for average-to-large tree materials and offer a high level of mobility.

Bandit 12XPC

By far our most popular chipper, the Bandit Intimidator™12XPC is a simpler version of the 12XP. Although it shares the same drum and feed system with its 12XP counterpart, the 12XPC has a more economical price point and boasts a compact design that allows it to be more mobile. This makes it ideal for rental companies, municipalities, and standard landscape companies that are not full-time tree services but still need a machine that can chip material up to 12 inches in diameter.

The Top 3 Most Popular Wood Chippers

The 12XPC is available in gas and diesel engine options that range from 49 to 84 horsepower. Each version still boasts Bandit’s innovative Slide Box Feed System with dual feed wheels that enable it to easily pull and compresses materials into the chipper. For those looking for more efficiency, the 12XPC offers an optional hydraulic lift cylinder that enhances down pressure, minimizing extra chainsaw work while making the unit easier to feed.

If your landscape company wants to add a capable chipper that can handle routine jobs and is easy to tow to and from the job site, the 12XPC should be at the top of your list.

Bandit 15XP

For those looking for more capacity and power to handle larger materials when needed but still want the mobility and smaller overall size more akin to the 12XPC, The Bandit Intimidator™ 15XP is the logical next step up. The 15XP uses an oversized, class-leading 37-inch diameter drum in conjunction with its 17.75-inch x 18.5-inch throat opening — a more capable size for processing limbs and parts from bigger trees. Like the 12XPC, the 15XP leverages Bandit’s Slide Box Feed system with dual feed wheels to deliver superior pull power.

The Top 3 Most Popular Wood Chippers

The 15XP comes in towable and track versions and offers gas and diesel engine options ranging from 120 to 174 horsepower. Other options include a hydraulic winch, solid infeed, a radio remote that can control the feed system and discharge functions, and even a handful of color options.

Bandit 18XP

The Bandit Intimidator™ 18XP is the prime choice for anyone in need of the most power and capacity available while still keeping the overall weight under 10,000 lbs. for CDL reasons. While the 18XP boasts the same feed system and diameter drum as the 15XP, it provides a wider drum width of 22-inch and a larger 20.55-inch high x 20.875-inch wide throat opening, which increases its overall capacity. Combine all this with Bandit’s Slide Box Feed System and you have an extremely capable, power-packed chipper that can easily take on a wider variety of materials as needed.

The Top 3 Most Popular Wood Chippers

The 18XP is available in towable and track versions, with both gas and diesel engine options ranging from 120 to 174 horsepower. An optional hydraulic winch, solid infeed tray with heavy-duty rim, and 25-inch wide feed wheels offer to take the 18XP’s convenience, capacity, and performance to an even higher level.

Are you looking for a new wood chipper? Need proven expertise in repair and service? As the largest Bandit distributor in the world, Cal-Line Equipment can do it all. Drop by and see us today at any of our locations, or contact our team to schedule a product demo.

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