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The Top 3 Bandit Chipper Features That Make Work Easier

Designing an effective and reliable chipper is about much more than simply cramming in as much power as possible. Of course, you want a powerful and efficient chipper with the ability to process a variety of materials with relative ease, but you also want one that makes your work easier.

This is where the innovation aspect comes into play. Smart chipper features centered on making the operator’s job easier — and with less fatigue — are just as valuable as things like engine power, knife design, etc. Why? Because while chippers are powerful machines that can reduce a huge tree to a pile of wood chips in a matter of minutes, it still takes a lot of work to run one — especially when you’re hauling around branches and brush all day, trimming them down with chainsaws, and then feeding it all into the chipper. Any help is certainly appreciated, right?

Bandit chippers are well-known for innovation and emphasizing smartly-designed features that can help make your time on the job site go a little smoother. Here are our picks for top three Bandit chipper features that make work easier.

1. Side Box Feed System

Top 3 Bandit Chipper Features That Make Work Easier

A Bandit trademark feature since 1983, the patented Side Box Feed System is one of Bandit’s most appreciated features for any chipper operator. This system allows the top feed wheel to travel straight up and down, delivering direct down pressure that helps pull material into the chipper.

This dramatically reduces the need to trim the material down for better processing and also minimizes the need to constantly reposition branches as they are being fed into the chipper. This substantial amount of pulling power is highly effective in reducing fatigue for chipper operators — a key advantage that makes a significant difference on those longer workdays.

2. Easy Climb Tensioning System

Top 3 Bandit Chipper Features That Make Work Easier

Another one of Bandit’s innovative, patented features, the easy climb tensioning system gives operatorsthe ability to adjust down pressure as needed, essentially adjusting the feed wheel for certain materials. Two springs on each side of the chipper allow for quick adjustments when switching between minimal and maximum pressure.

The lowest setting is typically ideal for when the operator needs the feed wheel to climb easily to process bigger materials like limbs, while the maximum setting is better suited for materials like brush.

3. Hydraulic Lift Cylinder

A standard feature on nearly every Bandit chipper, the hydraulic lift cylinder plays a big role in making work easier for an operator. The cylinder is actually part of the slide box and allows operators to provide hydraulic down pressure when desired. If a piece gets stuck in the feed system, all the operator has to do is hit the handle, which then provides anywhere from 2,200 to 4,000 lbs of hydraulic down pressure.

As with the slide box, this feature cuts down on the need to reposition material during operation, reducing fatigue and making things go a little more smoothly in general.

Let Bandit Chippers Make Your Work Easier

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