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The Intimidators: 12X, 12XP, and 12XPC

Bandit prioritizes their customers’ needs by maintaining strong relationships with dealers, and engineering highly dependable Intimidator hand-fed woodchippers, which remain the top choice for skilled and experienced arborists.

The Intimidator 12 series, including the 12X, 12XP, and 12XPC Intimidator wood chippers, offer ample power and impressive compression capabilities, resulting in a notable decrease in downtime and significantly easing the workload for your operators.

Key Features:

  • Unmatched pulling and compressing power.
  • Easy serviceability.
  • Minimal electronic components.
  • Long-term longevity.
  • And more!

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the characteristics, qualities, and benefits of each of the three distinct Bandit Intimidator woodchippers. If you’re looking for a chipper that can change your WHOLE operation, you’re in the right place!


Bandit’s aim in creating the 12X Intimidator was to develop a chipper that could integrate maneuverability and lightweight construction, without compromising on power. Adding to its impressive design is its unique single top feed wheel and 20” diameter drum. Above all, the 12X can be conveniently towed by your standard pickup truck.

Best For: arborists, municipal services, right-of-way maintenance, and rental services.

It’s the lightest of the three with an approximate weight of 4,700 pounds. If you’ve got a crew that values both portability and durability to handle and process significant amounts of debris, the 12X is for you.


The 12XP Intimidator is the most rugged of the three chippers for a reason. Its sturdy dual feed wheel seamlessly integrated into the slide box feed system applies a direct downward force on the material during the feeding process, giving you the enhanced durability and efficiency, you deserve. As a result, it substantially minimizes the need for extensive pre-trimming.

Best For: arborists, local governments, and rental services.

This chipper features a 24” chipping drum and an impressively light towing capacity (5,500 pounds). With a wide variety of engine options ranging from 49.4 to 145 horsepower, and features like the option hydraulic winch, the 12XP is one of the most versatile 12” capacity drum-style chippers on the market.


The 12XPC Intimidator offers a slightly more efficient alternative to the 12XP model, all while hanging on to its rugged edge – demonstrated by its capacity to chip materials up to 12” in diameter. Boasting identical drum and feed systems as the 12XP, the 12XPC was specifically engineered to be a more compact and cost-effective option.

Best For: tree care experts, municipalities, and rental companies.

Weighing in at 4,900 pounds, 12XPC can be easily towed and withstand the rigorous demands of a day on the job. Engine options are limited to 84 horsepower, and the equipment includes a channel frame, a reduced-weight infeed, and a solitary 6,000-pound axle with 15” tires.

More on the Intimidator

Bandit Intimidator wood chippers continue to demonstrate their status as the optimal cost-effective choice for a long-term investment in a hand-fed chipper. Longevity is key, and all Bandit models are engineered for maximum performance and equipped with features that increase operator productivity over time.

At Cal-Line, we offer a wide range of equipment encompassing various styles and models. If you ever find yourself struggling to choose a chipper that works for you, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (916) 564-1015.

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