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The Bandit 250XP Is Easily The Most Widely Used Chipper


img 300 200 02Are you wondering what kind of chipper is right for you? With over 20,000 units in operation, the Bandit 250XP is the ultimate 12″ capacity hand-fed disc-style chipper. This model has been a favorite for tree-care and landscape maintenance companies since the early 90s. Here’s why people love it.

The Bandit 250XP is the largest 12-inch capacity chipper on the market

For decades, the 12-inch capacity disc-style chippers are preferred for productivity and all-around versatility. The transitional drum chipper continues to be the most popular model. The Bandit 250XP is preferred by many for its powerful feed system, wide infeed hopper, powerful chip throwing velocity, and overall ease of use.

The Model 250XP features a huge 12.5-inch by 19-inch throat opening. This opening is much larger compared to the other 12-inch units on the market. It’s led by powerful dual feed wheels mounted in a slide box feed system to process a variety of material. That power means easy and fast grinding, for years, with minimal maintenance and down-time.

Ideal for broadcasting perfect sized chips

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Disc-style chippers are ideal for broadcasting chips for mulch. The combination of the spinning disc and cutting with the grain increase the throwing velocity out the discharge chute for even and accurate distribution.

When loading bigger material and logs the winch control system allows hands free control and easy infeed adjustment. Once the material is loading properly the system can be secured and feed efficiently.

Standard features make for easy feeding

Bandit chippers are notably easier to feed due to their sloping infeed tray. This helps to ensure a smooth flow of material. A powerful dual-wheel feed system consisting of two spring-tensioned feed wheels, mounted in the slide box. This provides plenty of pulling force to draw large trees and limbs into the chipper.

The system folds and downwardly crushes material reducing trimming, repositioning, or shortening. A standard hydraulic lift cylinder aids in the compression and grip of limbs and forked material.

More options to further your machine’s capabilities

This video shows, the hydraulic discharge and flipper options. These upgrades increase the efficiency and control of chip broadcasting.

Gas and diesel engine options are also available. This build has a 125 horsepower John Deer, tier four final diesel engine.

Other popular options include hydraulic winch, solid infeed tray, and additional capabilities to fit your needs.

Want to see the Bandit 250XP for yourself? Come see us at any of our Cal-line locations or contact our team to schedule a demo. We’d love to demonstrate what the Bandit250XP can do for you!

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