Sharp Solutions for Dull Woodchipper Knives

Getting the best out of your knives requires frequent care and maintenance, like paying close attention to your knives to ensure they aren’t growing dull. Neglecting the key maintenance task could result in equipment malfunctions, costly repairs, and unsafe working conditions. Lastly, keeping chipper knives sharp ensures ultimate chipper performance.

High-Quality Knives

Bandit hand-fed chippers feature high-quality dual-edge steel knives from TKM and Zenith. Both brands of knives come with two usable edges and can be flipped once a side is beyond use. OEM Bandit knives are recommended for the best fit and performance.

Dull Knives

Your knives are the heart of the machine, which means they ALWAYS need to be in top condition, otherwise your chipper operations will suffer.

Keeping your knives sharp ensures a smoother chipping experience and saves you money on costly repairs. For optimal chipper and knife performance, your knives must always be kept sharp. Failure to do so will result in under-performing, dull knives.

Dull Knives Cause:

– Excessive waste of the engine
– Bad quality chips, chunks, and slivers
– Excessive strain on knives and mounting
– Loss of time and money
– Increase in safety hazards

The dulling of Chipper Knives is caused by:

– Force feeding wood faster than the chipper will accept it.
– Dirt, grit, or other foreign material on the knives.
– Improper care of knives.
– Poor overall chipper maintenance.

Once you find your knives are either dull or beginning to dull, it’s time to sharpen them or replace them. When replacing your knives, it’s important to do so in sets and replace the knife mounting hardware after five uses.

Knife Sharpening Services

Count on Cal-Line to offer excellent Chipper knife sharpening services to ensure you get a nice, flat, straight edge on your knife. Reach out to us today to get back to chipping at peak performance! And don’t forget to visit a Knife Sharpening location near you for all your sharpening needs.


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