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The Bandit SG-40 is a compact stump grinder equipped with a Kohler 38 horsepower gas engine. Don’t let the size of this machine fool you as it is fully capable of grinding larger diameter stumps. The 18 inch diameter cutter wheel is belt driven and with a swing of 47 inches stumps are eliminated quickly and efficiently. With a max travel speed of over 2.5 MPH you can get from stump to stump in no time at all.

Controls are mounted at the rear of the machine on a pivoting console, so no matter the position of the stump, you’ll be able to get an excellent view of the grinding action. Control levers and instrumentation, including service points, have been designed with consideration for good, proper ergonomics that make the SG-40 a pleasure to run.

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Bandit Industries, Inc.


29.5 in


48 in


100.5 in


1,500 lbs

Fuel Tank

7 gl

Hydraulic Tank

7 gl


38 HP

Cutting Swing

47 in

Cutting Depth

12 in

Cutting Height

22 in