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Intimidator™ 21XP

Intimidator™ 21XP

The Intimidator 21XP chipper is the largest hand-fed chipper offered. Although rated as 21″ capacity, the throat opening is 26.25 inches high x 24.5 inches wide allowing the unit to process large diameter limby material. The feed system is extremely powerful generating approximately 10,824 pounds of pulling power. The standard hydraulic lift cylinder further enhances productivity by providing hydraulic down pressure as needed reducing chainsaw work. These combinations make the 21XP a great soultion for a wide array of projects consisting of large diameter chipping.

With engine options ranging from 174 to 350 horsepower there are a wide variety of engines to choose from based on each users specific chipping needs or preference. Rear mounted knuckle boom loaders have become increasingly popular on the 21XP. Two loader options are offered, a Bandit manufactured loader providing side to side swing of 45 degrees or a loader purchased from Kesla featuring 360 degrees of swing and more pulling and lifting power compared to the Bandit loader.

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Bandit Industries, Inc.


21 in


24.50 in x 26.25 in


101 in


119 in

Length (Open)

247 in


15,000 lbs

Feed Rate

100 ft/min

Fuel Tank

60 gl

Hydraulic Tank

30 gl