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Intimidator™ 18XP

Intimidator™ 18XP

The Intimidator™ 18XP is a highly productive 18″ capacity drum-style chipper. Its powerful dual feed wheel system driven via (2) 32.3 CID hydraulic motors provides around 4,480 pounds of pulling power and the standard hydraulic lift cylinder enhances performance by providing additional down pressure reducing chainsaw work.

User friendly options like the solid infeed tray with HD rim enhances the infeed’s durability. 25 inch wide feed wheels in lieu of the standard 20″ make it easier for the feed system to collapse limbs into the the chippers throat.

Gas and diesel engine options are available ranging from 120 to 174 horsepower. Most configurations can keep the machine under 10,000 pounds.

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Bandit Industries, Inc.


18 in


20.88 in x 20.50 in


89 in


104 in

Length (Open)

242 in


9,700 lbs

Feed Rate

100 ft/min

Fuel Tank

30 gl

Hydraulic Tank

12 gl