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Intimidator™ 15XP

Intimidator™ 15XP

The Intimidator™ 15XP is the ultimate 15″ capacity drum-style chipper thanks to an industry leading 37″ diameter drum and Bandit’s proven slide box feed system. The oversized drum turns at approximately 1,083 RPM, providing unmatched torque easily pulling large diameter material into the chipper. A larger diameter drum chips material requiring less horsepower and fuel while creating less vibration, making it one of the more popular machines available on the market today.

The 15XP features the same diameter drum and feed system as Bandit’s popular 18XP which is the next size up but with 15″ capacity and more compact making the 15XP a powerful solution for those not needing a larger capacity machine. Gas and diesel engine options ranging from 120 to 174 horsepower can be chosen from. Customers can choose from a variety of options including a hydraulic winch, solid infeed, radio remote to control the feed system and discharge functions, special paint colors and much more.

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Bandit Industries, Inc.


15 in


17.75 in x 18.5 in


78 in


104 in

Length (Open)

214 in


8,000 lbs

Feed Rate

120 ft/min

Fuel Tank

25 gl

Hydraulic Tank

12 gl