Dingo 320-D

The labor-saving Dingo® 320-D gives you greater capability and effortless maneuverability so you can get more done with less time in a short learning curve-even for inexperienced operators.

These machines are built to deliver a high power-to- weight ratio in the compact utility loader category. The Dingo 320-D also has zero-turn maneuverability to handle countless jobs on every site... dig, haul, plant and build.


Hinge Pin Height: 66"

Hydraulic System Pressure: 3\,250 PSI

Manufacturer: Toro

Air Filter: Two-stage\, heavy-duty\, remote

Controls: Key\, throttle\, choke

Cooling System: Liquid Cooled

Length: 82.2" w/ bucket; 62" w/o bucket

Loader Hydraulic System: 2 control levers - push/pull

Low Flow Pump: 4 gpm

Operating Capacity: 524 lbs

Reservoir Capacity: 14.8 gl

Steering Controls: Zero turn type w/ 2 controls

Tip Capacity: 1\,047.2 lbs

Weight: 1\,722 lbs

Width: 40.5" standard tires; 35" narrow tires

Warranty: Product - One Year* / Engine - Two Year*


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