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SP8018 TRX

SP8018 TRX

The SP8018 TRX features a wireless remote control, four speed ground drive capabilities, and traction control. With cutting dimensions of 43-inches above ground, 18-inches below ground, and an 80-inch sweep, this machine is unmatched in power and performance.


Carlton Professional Tree Equipment


116-134 HP


60 in


74 in


162 in


7,260 lbs

Fuel Tank

16 gl

Hydraulic Tank

18 gl

Cutting Swing

80 in

Cutting Depth

18 in

Cutting Height

43 in

Key Features and Options

  • Extremely High Horsepower (116-134) combined with the J.P. Carlton belt drive system provides the most torque to cutter wheel available.
  • Hydraulically Controlled Scrape Blade provides ability to spread or move chip piles for customers.
  • Turf Friendly Tracks are at home on both lawns and land clearing sites.