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3590 – Towable

3590 – Towable

The 30-inch capacity Model 3590 is a powerhouse for logging professionals seeking a high-production, low maintenance whole tree chipper. Featuring a 30-inch by 48-inch chipper throat opening and a powerful three wheel feed system, the Model 3590 easily handles large material. This powerful chipper can fill a 45-foot trailer in approximately 12 minutes, consistently outpacing other 30-inch capacity chippers while burning less fuel per load.

Engine options ranging from 755 to 1,050 horsepower are available to choose from. The standard forestry style stationary discharge chute enhances chipping throwing velocity fully packing chip vans to their max capacity.

The powerful feed system on the 3590 is capable of generating just over 16,500 pounds of total pulling power easily pulling in whole trees making the unit easier to feed and more productive. The direct down pressure provided by the standard hydraulic lift cylinder generates 20,920 pounds of down pressure to easily crush material into the chipper. These combinations allow the 3590 to easily process a wide array of trees with unmatched pulling and compressing power. Download Brochure


Bandit Industries, Inc.

Chipper Type



30 in

Average Trailer Load Time

11-13 min


48 in x 30 in


140 in


158 in


504 in


64,000 lbs

Feed Rate

120 ft/min

Fuel Tank

350 gl

Hydraulic Tank

200 gl