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250XP – Towable

250XP – Towable

The Model 250XP is the ultimate 12″ capacity hand-fed disc-style chipper. It has been popular among tree services and municipalities ever since it was introduced in the early 90’s. Even though drum chippers continue to be an industry favorite, the Model 250XP is still preferred by many due to its powerful feed system, wide infeed hopper, powerful chip throwing velocity and overall ease of use.

Gas and diesel engine options are available from 120 to 174 horsepower. Download Brochure


Bandit Industries, Inc.


12 in


19 in x 12.50 in


83 in


102 in

Length (Open)

210 in


6,800 lbs

Feed Rate

120 ft/min

Fuel Tank

40 gl

Hydraulic Tank

13 gl

Length (Closed)

180 in