2290 – Track

Popular for its great combination of size, production, all-terrain performance and price, the 20-inch capacity Model 2290 Track whole tree chipper is a favorite for chipping tops and brushy material, either in traditional logging operations or land clearing projects. Its 26.25-inch by 24.5-inch throat opening easily accepts large diameter, brushy material. Dual feed wheels in Bandit’s unique Slide Box Feed System provide the industry’s best pulling and crushing power. It rides on a Caterpillar 312B steel-track undercarriage.

Caterpillar or John Deere engines are available ranging from 415 to 525 horsepower. Additional options including a 5 1/2" infeed conveyor, forestry style discharge, Bandit or Kesla loader with Bandit cabs are available to choose from.

The powerful feed system on the 2290 is capable of generating just under 13,500 pounds of total pulling power easily pulling in whole trees making the unit easier to feed and more productive. The direct down pressure provided by the standard hydraulic lift cylinder generates 6,440 pounds of down pressure to easily crush material into the chipper. These combinations allow the 2290 to easily process a wide array of trees with unmatched pulling and compressing power.


Feed Rate: 120 ft/min

Fuel Tank: 100 gl

Chipper Type: Drum

Capacity: 20 in

Average Trailer Load Time: 35-40 min

Hydraulic Tank: 94 gl


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