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200XP – Towable

200XP – Towable

As a mid-sized 12″ capacity disc-style chipper, The Model 200XP features most of the same features and options as the 200UC, but comes equipped with a thicker chipper disc and optional winch. In most instances we recommend either the 200UC or 250XP, but if you are looking for a 12″ disc chipper with winch and don’t feel like stepping up to the weight and price of a 250XP then this model is worth taking a look at.

The powerful dual feed wheel system is driven via (2) 15.9 CID hydraulic motors providing approximately 3,376 pounds of pulling power. The standard hydraulic lift cylinder is recommended for additional pulling and compressing power making the unit easier to feed and more productive.

Choose from gas or diesel engine options from 74 to 145 horsepower. A 45″ inch wide infeed is standard giving plenty of room for chipping brushy material. Download Brochure


Bandit Industries, Inc.


12 in


14 in x 17 in


72 in


100 in

Length (Open)

202 in


5,500 lbs

Feed Rate

120 ft/min

Fuel Tank

29 gl

Hydraulic Tank

13 gl