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How to Know if the Bandit SG-40 is Right for You

Are you considering a smaller stump grinder to add to your fleet? Or maybe you’re just looking for a grinder that can handle small to mid-sized tasks without taking up too much space in the shed. Either way, the Bandit SG-40 is a surprisingly capable stump grinder that packs a ton of performance and flexibility into a smaller and lighter package that is also very affordable.


For those who are thinking about whether or not the SG-40 is best for their needs, consider the criteria below.

You Need a Compact Stump Grinder

One of the most significant advantages of the Bandit SG-40 is its compact profile. The SG-40 was designed to offer flexibility in terms of transport and can easily fit through the average backyard gate. It’s also incredibly easy to maneuver and allows you or your crew to use it in tighter spaces than average-sized grinders. If you already have a larger grinder in your fleet, the SG-40 can provide your inventory with more versatility and avoid scenarios where your larger grinder may not be usable due to its size.

You Need a Lightweight Stump Grinder

Weight is often an overlooked aspect with grinders, especially if you sometimes work at locations with fragile landscaping and grass. While the SG-40 is on tracks, it weighs just 1,500 lbs. and leaves an incredibly light footprint. In fact, we’ve even used it on golf courses without any ill effect on the grass below it. The light weight also makes it easy to maneuver to and from the job site.

You Need to Grind a Variety of Stumps

The SG-40 is technically a compact grinder, but that doesn’t

mean it has compact capabilities. You obviously can’t fit a redwood into this grinder, but it will easily handle common stumps of various sizes— enough to handle the smaller and mid-sized stumps you’ll encounter on standard jobs and municipality work. Again, adding a smaller grinder with this much size capability can greatly expand the versatility of your fleet and make a number of jobs easier to get back and forth from.Bandit Stump Grinder SG 40

You Need an Intuitive Stump Grinder

Power, maneuverability, and weight are one thing, but it also helps to have a grinder that is easy (and even enjoyable) to use. The SG-40’s controls are mounted at the rear on a pivoting console, providing an optimal view of the grinding action regardless of the stump’s position. The levers and instrumentation of the SG-40 also include a highly-ergonomic design to deliver precise control and comfort for as long as you’re operating it.

You Need Versatility

The SG-40 was developed to offer versatility for practically every market, including rentals and municipal use. The grinder is incredibly cost-effective when compared to several larger, heavier models that provide only slightly larger cutting diameters. Despite its size and profile, the SG-40 is very aggressive when it comes to grinding thanks to a 38 HP engine and belt-driven cutter wheel. This is truly a high-performing and highly-capable stump grinder in the smallest, most affordable package possible.


Want to see the SG-40 in action? Come see for yourself why Cal-Line is the biggest distributor of Bandit chippers in the world. We keep a massive stock of Bandit inventory on hand that ranges from hand-fed chippers to stump grinders and more. We can also keep your machines running in optimal condition with our extensive parts & service department Drop by and see us today at any of our locations or contact our team to schedule a personal demo; we’d love to demonstrate what the SG-40 can do in person.

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