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Feeling Stumped? Let the SG-75 Grind Your Problems into Dust!

Bandit’s SG-75 is a stump-grinding powerhouse with nearly double the horsepower of the SG-40. This powerful grinder comes fully equipped with a Kohler 74hp diesel engine, an 80” wide swing, and chassis roots nearly two feet deep. With its remarkable power and speed, the SG-75 efficiently eliminates stumps, in a variety of settings.  Read more to learn about the unique features and schedule a demo today.

MODEL SG-75 – Track Stump Grinder

Bandit’s SG-75 stump grinder features a direct drive grinding system, a powerful diesel engine, expanding/retracting track system, and is 100% remote control operated.

Super Sweeping Power:

Professional stump grinding systems usually fall into three main categories: belt drive, hydraulic pump, and direct drive. Bandit’s SG-75 features a powerful gearbox drive system that propels its ferocious 27” cutter wheel. Combine this with the SG-75’s 74-horsepower Kohler diesel engine and you’ve got one beast of a machine.

But don’t forget about Bandit’s unique Super Sweep feature! This perk helps operators smoothly move the wheel through a stump without overloading or stalling the engine, leading to an increase in production.

Caging the Beast:

Stump grinders, no matter the type, generate wood debris that scatters in all directions during the grinding process. This grinder keeps the operator in mind with its large rubber debris curtain safety feature. Designed to keep operators safe from loose chips and other debris, the SG-75’s debris curtain minimizes post-job cleanup time.

Right on Track

Looking for an adjustable undercarriage system? Look no further than the SG-75’s expandable/retractable tracks. Being able to adjust the tracks, ranging from 35 inches to 55 inches, ensures superior stability when required and ease of transport when needed.

Power at Your Fingertips

In addition to the protective debris curtains, the SG-75 achieves an unmatched level of safety through remote operation. Bandit’s user-friendly radio remote control offers operators command over the swing speed, plunge depth, and more. Unlike competitors’ stump grinders, which often use complex switches and valves, the SG-75 offers straightforward controls and is quick to pick up.

Connect with Cal-Line

At Cal-Line we offer a premium selection of Bandit woodchippers, stump grinders, horizontal grinders, and more. Whether you’re clearing land or grinding a single stump, the SG-75 will out-grind the competition and stand out as your front-line stump grinder. Don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a demo today!

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