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Comparing the Bandit 12XP and 12XPC

One of Bandit’s most popular chippers, the 12XP has long been a favorite thanks to its adequate capacity and high amount of power for its compact size. The success of the 12XP eventually led to the creation of the 12XPC — a more simplified version of the 12XP that shares the same drum and feed system (24″ diameter x 18 3/4″ wide drum with four knives and (2) 7 1/2″ diameter x 16 3/8″ wide feed wheels with bottom clean-out door).

Since these models are quite similar in some key areas, we saw it helpful to create a comparison of the two to help those who may be on the fence when deciding on which model is best-suited for their particular needs or preferences.

Size, Feed Rate, and Fuel Tank Capacity

This is where the two are most similar. Both the 12XP and the 12XPC share the following specs:

  • Capacity: 12 in
  • Width: 80 in
  • Height: 98 in
  • Length (Open): 194 in
  • Feed Rate: 120 ft/min
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 25 gal
  • Hydraulic Tank: 12 gal


Although the 12XP and 12XPC are of comparable size, the 12XPC has the advantage, weighing 4,900 lbs, while the 12XP weighs in at 5,500 lbs.

The 12XPC achieves a lighter weight due to a channel frame, lighter infeed, and no winch option — allowing it to be placed on a smaller 6,000-pound axle with 225/75R 15” tires.

Engine Power

This is one of the main divergences between the two models.

The 12XPC has engine options that range from 49.4 to 89 horsepower, with gas and diesel options available. The 12XP has larger engine sizes that range from 49.4 to 145 horsepower. Diesel engine options for the 12XP are available in either 74 or 120 horsepower.

Features and Available Options

Since the 12XPC is intended to be a simpler version of the 12XP, it does not have as many available upgrades and added features.

That’s not to say the 12XPC doesn’t have options. Buyers can add an optional hydraulic lift cylinder, plus an optional hand crank/height-adjustable discharge.

The 12XP comes standard with a hydraulic lift cylinder and can be ordered with additional options such as a radio remote control with tether back-up or rubber track undercarriage. Other upgraded options for the 12XP include a hydraulic winch and a solid infeed tray with a heavy-duty rim.

difference between bandit 12xp and 12xpc

The Verdict?

The 12XP and 12XPC are both excellent machines for anyone needing something on the smaller side of the chipper spectrum. It really just comes down to whether or not you need the added engine power options the 12XP offers over the 12XPC, along with a few key upgrade options mentioned above. Regardless of which model you go with, you’ll end up with a quality Bandit chipper that will be eager to take on brush and trees up to 12 inches in diameter.


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