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Choosing the Right Grinder for Your Business: Why Bandit’s 2460XP is Worth Considering

Looking for a horizontal grinder? Bandit offers a wide range of cutting-edge grinders with engine choices spanning from 300 to 1,200 horsepower, all of which can be specifically requested as track units. Additionally, the Beast comes equipped with diverse tooth and screen options, enabling it to effectively handle a wide variety of materials like wood, waste, roofing shingles, plastic and much more.

Whether you’re involved in the construction industry or simply require the grinding of tree stumps and other bulky materials, selecting the ideal grinder for your specific requirements is crucial. Be sure to choose wisely, as selecting the wrong grinder can waste time, resources and money. Therefore, when it comes to choosing what horizontal grinder is best for your business, lean on performance, ease of use and safety as factors in your final decision.


Bandit’s 2460XP offers outstanding performance in its class. With a wide range of tooth options to choose from, you can easily produce the ideal product to meet the needs of your target markets. This grinder shines brightest when it comes to processing larger materials, stumps and chunk wood.
Its discharge conveyor simplifies the process of loading open-top trucks or creating sturdy piles of chips and mulch. It uses a two-stage belt conveyor system, comprised of a 42” wide primary belt responsible for transferring materials from under the mill to the 2-speed secondary belt.

Ease of Access

The model 2460XP prioritizes maintenance convenience by offering easy access to wear items, as well as hydraulic and electrical systems. Changing screens is a breeze, thanks to the side-pull design, and operators can feel secure while climbing and working on the machine with the assistance of ladders, steps and handrails. In addition, there’s easy access to the mill for changing teeth and cutter bodies.

Safety & Durability

This grinder is designed with a strong emphasis on safety and durability, making it a smart long-term investment. It integrates multiple safety features, including auto-feed technology, emergency stop controls and a generous throat opening that reduces the likelihood of mishaps. With its strong and sturdy exterior, reinforced components and use of top-notch materials, this machine ensures the endurance necessary to withstand demanding jobs and tough environments.

Overall, Bandit’s 2460XP stands out due to its exceptional performance, versatility, features, durability and safety, making it a compelling choice for those seeking a high-quality chipper. It outperforms all other grinders in its class, featuring a 60” x 36” diameter cutter mill and a 60” x 24” mill opening.

The Choice is Yours

Bandit’s horizontal grinders are one of the best tools you can add to your arsenal. They excel at managing an array of materials including land clearing debris, bark logs, green waste, stumps and wood from construction and demolition projects. If you’re looking for an efficient solution to handling these materials, the 2460XP will save you time, money and increase the safety of both you and your workers. Click here to learn more about these incredible machines!


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