We’re proud to join forces with WaveCel in their mission to prevent traumatic brain injuries by offering state-of-the-art helmets. The T2 Plus Max and T2 Plus Pro, their vented and non-vented hard hats, embody nearly two decades of focused research. No matter your specific industry, WaveCel Hard Hats are your best bet against work-related traumatic brain injuries.

How Does WaveCel Work?

WaveCel hard hats work to minimize the movement of your brain. In instances of rotational traumatic brain injuries, where the brain can spin rapidly upon impact, WaveCel uses a proprietary liner that uniquely addresses rotational impacts. This is achieved by reducing acceleration within the helmet during impact.

WaveCel offers up to 98% less concussion risk than the standard helmet.

Protecting Your Head

A cellular lime-green copolymer dome covers the entire inside of all WaveCel helmets. This material functions like a network of interconnected shock absorbers, working to distribute impact energy throughout its shells – similar to the way a car’s crumple zone works. Additionally, it diverts rotational forces by flexing and gliding.

WaveCel absorbs up to 73% more rotational force than a standard helmet lining.

Type II Rated

The US Standard specifies two types of protection levels: Type I and Type II. Type I helmets protect from crown impacts, while Type II helmets protect from crown and lateral (front, side, & back) impacts. Type II protection is critical since most helmet impacts occur laterally, not just on the crown. All WaveCel helmets are Type II rated.

T2 Plus Pro & Max Specifications

The T2 Plus Pro and T2 Plus Max full-brimmed hard hats share many of the same features but have slight differences. While the T2 Plus is non-vented, the T2 Plus Max is. The T2 Plus Pro falls under Class E (electrical) and is intended to protect workers from electrical hazards. On the other hand, the T2 Plus Max is vented, falling under the Class C (conductive) categorization, and is not intended to protect from electrical hazards.

  • Size: One size fits most. Head circumferences: 53 – 63cm. Sizes: 6 5/8 – 7 7/8
  • Weight: T2 Plus Pro 490g; T2 Plus Max 485g
  • Standard ANSI Z89.1 – 2014, Type II
  • EN 12492: 2012: Helmet for mountaineers.
  • Electrical:
    • Class E: electrical insulation up to 20kV (non-vented PRO)
    • Class C: not rated for electrical protection (vented MAX)
  • Temperature range: -30C to +50C
  • Customization: customize your logo or color – give us a call and we’ll tailor your helmet to your preferences!

The Egg Test

Wavecel illustrated the problem with standard helmets through their simple egg test video. In the video, they fill a transparent head model with see-through gel, emulating the human brain’s density. Two raw egg yolks were then dropped in as substitutes for the human brain. To test their helmets, the researchers slammed, cracked, and dropped the head model onto various surfaces, comparing it against standard helmets.

What they found was that unlike conventional helmets, where impacts resulted in the yolks breaking apart and dispersing, WaveCel consistently preserved the stability of the yolks, highlighting the efficacy of its advanced technology.

Your WaveCel Dealer

At Cal-Line, we take pride in offering WaveCel technology that enhances workers’ safety across diverse industries. While we’ve covered the primary benefits of these exceptional hard hats, there’s still a lot more WaveCel has to offer. Don’t hesitate to contact us to delve deeper into the advantages of WaveCel and learn how it plays a crucial role in ensuring your team’s safety today!