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Time for an Adjustment?

Getting the best out of your woodchipper requires frequent care and maintenance. This means paying close attention to your knives, anvil, belts, shear bars, and clutches. Neglecting these parts could result in equipment malfunctions, costly repairs, and unsafe working conditions. WARNING: Make sure you’re following


The Intimidators: 12X, 12XP, and 12XPC

Bandit prioritizes their customers’ needs by maintaining strong relationships with dealers, and engineering highly dependable Intimidator hand-fed woodchippers, which remain the top choice for skilled and experienced arborists. The Intimidator 12 series, including the 12X, 12XP, and 12XPC Intimidator wood chippers, offer ample power and

What NOT to Put in Your Woodchipper!

Wood chippers possess a wide range of chipping capabilities for landscaping professionals. But with all their versatility, there’s a list of materials your operators should NEVER feed their woodchippers. Some operators, driven by their curiosity, may experiment, unfortunately resulting in personal injury or equipment damage.


Top 10 Tips for Maintaining Your Chipper!

Woodchipper malfunctions, particularly at job sites, pose a significant threat to your company’s reputation and leads to prolonged downtime. At Cal-Line, we recognize the cost-effectiveness of regular maintenance for your woodchipper. Which is why we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Tips for Maintaining

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Why The Intimidator 15XPC Is The Ideal Compact Chipper

If you’re looking for a compact yet powerful drum chipper, look no further than Bandit’s 15XPC. Built stronger with the highest quality components and assembled with solid welded construction, The Intimidator 15XPC is guaranteed to outlast and outperform all other 15-inch chippers out there. Take

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The Bandit 250XP Is Easily The Most Widely Used Chipper

  Are you wondering what kind of chipper is right for you? With over 20,000 units in operation, the Bandit 250XP is the ultimate 12″ capacity hand-fed disc-style chipper. This model has been a favorite for tree-care and landscape maintenance companies since the early 90s.

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Cal-Line’s Top 3 Whole Tree Chippers

Perfect for logging and land clearing, whole tree chippers are known for their efficiency and versatility in quickly turning whole tree material into chips. We carry numerous whole tree chipper models at Cal-Line, each with its own unique advantages and ideal applications. That said, three

difference between bandit 12xp and 12xpc

Comparing the Bandit 12XP and 12XPC

One of Bandit’s most popular chippers, the 12XP has long been a favorite thanks to its adequate capacity and high amount of power for its compact size. The success of the 12XP eventually led to the creation of the 12XPC — a more simplified version of