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whole tree chipper

Cal-Line’s Top 3 Whole Tree Chippers

Perfect for logging and land clearing, whole tree chippers are known for their efficiency and versatility in quickly turning whole tree material into chips. We carry numerous whole tree chipper models at Cal-Line, each with its own unique advantages and ideal applications. That said, three

difference between bandit 12xp and 12xpc

Comparing the Bandit 12XP and 12XPC

One of Bandit’s most popular chippers, the 12XP has long been a favorite thanks to its adequate capacity and high amount of power for its compact size. The success of the 12XP eventually led to the creation of the 12XPC — a more simplified version of

Why Handbuilt Chippers Are Better Cal-Line

Why Handbuilt Chippers Are Better

Founded by Mike Morey Sr. in 1983, Bandit was launched with a vision to manufacture chippers far better than the products available at the time. This goal was achieved early on with the now patented Slide Box Feed System, and the company hasn’t slowed down

The Top 3 Most Popular Wood Chippers

The Top 3 Most Popular Wood Chippers

If you’re a landscaper or tree care professional looking for the next addition to your machinery inventory, it can be a bit daunting to sort through all the various models of wood chippers out there. Allow us to narrow things down for you. Below, we’ve