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Cal-Line’s Top 3 Whole Tree Chippers

Perfect for logging and land clearing, whole tree chippers are known for their efficiency and versatility in quickly turning whole tree material into chips. We carry numerous whole tree chipper models at Cal-Line, each with its own unique advantages and ideal applications. That said, three of them tend to stand out the most in terms of popularity, so we saw it fit to spotlight them and provide some info on what makes them so popular with our customers.

Below, we’ve highlighted some key specs and advantages of our top three 20-inch diameter capacity whole tree chippers. Let’s kick things off with the smallest of the trio: the Bandit Intimidator® 20XP Track.

20XP Track

The 20XP Track is a favorite amongst loggers and tree services due to its smaller size and surprising whole tree chipper performance capabilities. While this may technically be an entry-level chipper, it certainly does not act like one.

The 20XP’s 26.25-inch by 24.5-inch throat opening enables it to efficiently handle large whole trees with relative ease. The chipper is equipped with Bandit’s patented Slide Box Feed System coupled with an open-top infeed hopper that allows for simplified feeding and maximum productivity, drastically reducing the time you need to get the job done. It’s also incredibly maneuverable thanks to a CAT 308CR steel-track undercarriage that has no trouble conquering rougher terrains while ensuring stability. Both chipper and track functions are controlled with a radio remote control that includes a tethered backup.

An array of optional add-ons are available to further bolster the 20XP’s performance, including a conveyor for the infeed and a Kesla loader.

If you need an entry-level whole tree chipper that delivers far above any other chipper in its size class while retaining maneuverability, the 20XP is the easy choice.


The 2090 shares many similarities and features with the 20XP — in addition to being considered an entry-level whole tree chipper — and is ideal for those looking for a bit more oomph in terms of pulling power without sacrificing on a more compact size.

Intended to serve a wide range of wood processing needs for tree services specializing in large tree removals and smaller logging operations that average a couple of chip vans a day, the 2090 boasts a 26.25-inch by 24.5-inch throat opening. And like every Bandit chipper, it’s equipped with the patented Slide Box Feed System that easily pulls in and crushes stubborn forked limbs and dense hardwood. Dual top-feed wheel motors increase pulling power even more while aiding in the processing of larger materials.

One unique aspect of the 2090 is that it can be hand-fed if needed as an operator control bar is standard — a rarity amongst whole tree chippers. An optional hydraulic winch further assists with pulling material up and into the chipper.

2290 Track

The largest of our top three whole tree chippers, the 2290 offers a potent combination of size, efficiency, and all-terrain performance.

This chipper is ideal for chipping tops and brushy material for both traditional logging operations and standard land clearing projects thanks to a 26.25-inch by 24.5-inch throat opening, dual-feed wheels, and Bandit’s Slide Box Feed System. These elements combine to provide a feed system that generates just under 13,500 pounds of total pulling power. Direct down pressure delivered by the standard hydraulic lift cylinder creates 6,440 pounds of down pressure that easily crushes material into the chipper, ensuring consistent productivity that reduces work time. Caterpillar and John Deere engines are available that range from 415 to 525 horsepower.

One unique advantage of the 2290 is its optional Kelsa loader that can be controlled remotely or as a cabin loader. A 5 ½’ infeed conveyor and forestry style discharge are also available add-on options.

If you’d like to see what these whole tree chippers can do in person, come see us at Cal-Line. As the biggest distributor of Bandit chippers in the world, we keep an expansive stock of Bandit inventory on hand that includes everything from hand-fed chippers to stump grinders (and more). We also have an expert-staffed parts & service department that will keep all of your machines running at peak performance throughout the year. Visit us today at any of our locations or contact our team to schedule a personal demo; we’d love to help you find the perfect chipper or grinder for your needs.

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