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Cal-Line Northwest Open Houses

On August 18th in Kent, WA and August 20th in Portland, OR we hosted our annual Open House events to honor YOU, our valued customers, and showcase our extraordinary equipment! Among the top-notch equipment shown were the Bandit Woodchippers, Stump Grinders and much more!
To all who attended, we appreciate you! For those who couldn’t make it, there’s still hope! Keep reading to catch up on what went down at our Cal-Line Open House events held in both Kent, WA and Portland, OR.

The Venue:

Our Open Houses were held in our spacious and well-equipped Portland, OR and Kent, WA branches. Our hardworking Cal-Line team showed up a day early to set out all the equipment, string up banners and make sure all our ducks were in a row.
On the day of the event, we drew in industry professionals and general enthusiasts from all different kinds of work backgrounds. It provided an excellent opportunity for everyone to witness the latest technological advancements in the industry and interact with equipment experts.


Kicking off the day with our CEU (Continuing Education Units) Training, in partnership with Noble Oak Safety and Training, we equipped our guests with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in a complex work setting!
Topics included:
– Chipper types and hook up.
– Job site set up.
– Maintenance
– Winch use
And to top it all off, everyone walked away with a FREE Bandit T-Shirt!

The Food:

Don’t forget about the BBQ!

We had a hot and fresh BBQ feast in the shop that had lines stretching beyond the doors. From tender slow-cooked brisket to juicy burgers and an array of delectable sides, the BBQ spread catered to all tastebuds.

Sorry, no leftovers!

Raffle Prizes:

For those who didn’t pay attention when they signed in, they learned that their registration cards were put into a draw, earning them a chance to win fantastic raffle prizes! As everyone finished their meals, our participants eagerly looked on our salesmen, hoping they’d draw their name. Although not every name was called, there were a lucky few who walked away with some amazing prizes, including a blender, Cal-Line merchandise and a flat-screen TV!

You just had to be there!

We’ll See You at the Next Event!

We want to send out a MIGHTY thank you from Cal-Line to everyone who joined us to show your incredible support, share the day with us and have eye-opening conversations about our amazing equipment!

Mark your calendars because this won’t be the last Open House of the year, we still have Spokane, WA coming up later this year! Make sure to RSVP for our next Open House in Spokane, WA! See you there!

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