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Redefining the Business: Exploring RC Mower’s All-New R-Series

RC Mowers manufactures Remote-Operated Robotic Mowers to solve complex challenges for private businesses and municipalities to profit and grow. In line with this mission, they’ve recently upgraded their robotic mowers to offer improved first-pass yield and a more durable design. This, combined with RC Mowers’

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A Closer Look at Cal-Line Northwest

In late 2022, we secured the role of the exclusive Bandit dealer in Portland, Oregon, and subsequently expanded our presence by becoming the Bandit dealer in Kent, WA. Our growth continues as we now extend our operations eastward, proudly taking on the role of the

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Safety Engineered: WaveCel Hard Hats

We’re proud to join forces with WaveCel in their mission to prevent traumatic brain injuries by offering state-of-the-art helmets. The T2 Plus Max and T2 Plus Pro, their vented and non-vented hard hats, embody nearly two decades of focused research. No matter your specific industry,

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What You Can Expect from a Cal-Line Demo

“Working with Owen Equipment provides you with a partner to lock arms with to tackle your biggest challenges.” – Si Norris, Corporate Sales Manager At Cal-Line, we offer on-site personalized equipment demonstrations that show our products performing in real-word situations. These demos cater to contractors,

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Time for an Adjustment?

Getting the best out of your woodchipper requires frequent care and maintenance. This means paying close attention to your knives, anvil, belts, shear bars, and clutches. Neglecting these parts could result in equipment malfunctions, costly repairs, and unsafe working conditions. WARNING: Make sure you’re following

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Drums vs. Discs – What Makes Sense for You?

Bandit woodchippers fall into two distinct categories: Drum-style and Disc-style. While there is a difference, both chippers still share many of the same chipping capabilities, design features, functionalities, and more. Key Differences The main differences you’ll find between Disc-style and Drum-style woodchippers are: Blades Cutting

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All Makes. All Trust

Cal-Line is your one-stop shop for parts and service requests. We serve all makes and models and aim to provide quick and efficient service to get you in and out in no time. Not to mention our crew of hard-working and factory-certified technicians who give


The Intimidators: 12X, 12XP, and 12XPC

Bandit prioritizes their customers’ needs by maintaining strong relationships with dealers, and engineering highly dependable Intimidator hand-fed woodchippers, which remain the top choice for skilled and experienced arborists. The Intimidator 12 series, including the 12X, 12XP, and 12XPC Intimidator wood chippers, offer ample power and

What NOT to Put in Your Woodchipper!

Wood chippers possess a wide range of chipping capabilities for landscaping professionals. But with all their versatility, there’s a list of materials your operators should NEVER feed their woodchippers. Some operators, driven by their curiosity, may experiment, unfortunately resulting in personal injury or equipment damage.