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A Quick Introduction to the 6 Bandit Horizontal Grinders at Cal-Line

Are you considering a horizontal grinder for your operation? Here’s an easy way to get to know the six types of Bandit horizontal grinders we carry at Cal-Line.

A few things to know before reading: All Bandit horizontal grinders can be built as towable or track, offer fuel savings over other brands due to efficient engineering, and utilize a patented cuttermill system instead of the inferior hammermill you’ll find with other grinder manufacturers.

(Note: All info below pertains to only the towable models of each grinder.)


  • At 12,500lbs, it can be towed by a one-ton truck
  • 14” x 25” opening
  • Ideal for small tree contractors, pallet recyclers, sawmills, and small tree service yards

The 1425 may be the most compact horizontal grinder, but it doesn’t act like one. That’s because the 1425 contains the spirit of Bandit’s legendary The Beast® lineup, only packed into a smaller package. This means you get the maneuverability and versatility of a compact grinder while still getting the features like a downturning mill, saw-style cutterbody, and an array of teeth and screen options that enable you to hone in on your ideal end product.

bandit horizontal grinder

With the 1425, you can process tree branches, brush, sawmill tailings, logs, and pallet waste with ease — all in a compact grinder body that can be towed by an ordinary one-ton pickup truck.

Find out more about the 1425 here.


  • The intro to Bandit’s full-size grinders
  • 18” x 52” opening
  • A very manageable 37,580 lbs.
  • Great for creating high-quality mulch

As the first in line of Bandit’s full-size grinders, the 1680XP delivers the power and capability of larger grinders in a package that is easy to manage for small to midsize tree contractors, municipalities, tree services, sawmills, and recycling yards. The grinder’s 18” x 52” opening allows it to easily handle materials like logging slash, wood chips, bark, construction waste, tree waste, limbs, and chips, and then process them into high-quality mulch that can be resold — all while saving on tipping fees.

Find out more:  1680XP (Track)1680XP (Towable)


  • 24” x 60”
  • The start of Bandit’s inventory of large grinders
  • Perfect for midsize tree contractors
  • Comes with the newest technologies

Midsize tree contractors looking for more power and capability to handle larger materials, stumps, and chunk wood will definitely appreciate what the 2460XP has to offer. The grinder uses a 30-tooth cuttermill with Bandit’s patented saw-tooth style cutterbodies to regulate the size of the tooth’s bite. Screens can be easily changed out on the side of the machine, and you’ll also find easy access to the mill for changing teeth and cutterbodies when needed. The discharge conveyor allows for easy loading of open-top trucks and the building of large piles of chips and mulch. No other grinder in its class comes close to offering the combination of power and smart innovation of the 2460.

Find out more: 2460XP (Track)2460XP (Towable)

bandit horizontal grinders


  • 26” x 60” opening
  • Larger diameter allows processing of larger materials with less vibration, less horsepower, and less fuel consumption
  • The 755 HP version removes the need for diesel engine fluid (DEF)

The 2680XP is perfect for larger contractors, municipalities, logging operations, sawmills, and recycling yards that need a grinder capable of handling everything from wood materials to shingles, and a few other materials in between. The grinder’s 26” x 60” throat opening offers the expanded room needed to take on larger diameter materials. As with other Bandit grinders, teeth and screens can be quickly changed out to hone in on your ideal end product sizes at the time. Plus, an available 755 HP engine doesn’t just deliver more power; it also removes the need for diesel engine fluid (DEF) — something everyone can appreciate.

Find out more: 2680XP (Track)2680XP (Towable)


  • 35” x 60” opening
  • Ideal for high production
  • Under 90,000 lbs. (Does not require a special permit for lowboy hauling)

As one of the most popular reduction machines in the world, the 3680XP hits every mark you could ever need from a high-production grinder. The 35” x 60” opening allows for the processing of larger materials as the oversized 42” x 63” cuttermill operates with minimum vibration, which cuts back on vibration and fuel usage. 60-tooth and 30-tooth configurations are available, along with a 755 HP engine. Plus, since the 3680XP weighs under 90,000 lbs, it can hauled on seven axles without the need for any special permits.

Find out more: 3680XP (Track)3680XP (Towable) 


  • Highest production grinder on the market
  • 46” x 60” opening
  • Available 1,200 HP engine
  • Can create 800 yards of mulch per hour


Nothing can match the production capabilities of the 4680XP. This grinder can process trees and logs nearly four feet in diameter for hours, making it look easy the entire time. The 4680XP’s combination of capacity, power, and efficiency enable it to handle materials ranging from waste wood to bulky wood and storm debris while offering the very best of Bandit’s innovative designs and features, including quick-change screens, wireless remote controls, and a seamless pull system that keeps the material feeding running smoothly until the job is done. If you want the ability to process the biggest and most stubborn materials in the fastest and most efficient way possible, the 4680 is always ready for the task.

Find out more: 4680XP (Track)4680 (Electric)


Reading about these grinders is definitely not enough — it’s best to see them in person. Come visit us at Cal-Line and see why we are the biggest distributor of Bandit grinders in the world. We keep a huge stock of Bandit inventory on hand that also includes everything from handfed chippers to stump grinders and slow-speed shredders. We also have a full-scale parts & service department that will keep all of your machines running at peak performance throughout the year. You’re welcome to stop by any of our locations or contact our team to schedule a personal demo; we’d love to help you find the p

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