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3 Ways a Wood Chipper Can Improve Your Landscaping Business

If you own a landscaping business, you know it’s always a difficult decision when deciding on the need to add new equipment to your fleet. A wood chipper is a great example of a machine that landscapers are sometimes a bit hesitant to incorporate into their inventory.

For those who are still on the fence, consider these three compelling reasons for adding a chipper to your equipment offerings. As you’ll find out below, it will certainly pay off in more ways than one.

1. Convenience

For most landscaping services, the sheer convenience provided by adding a chipper to your fleet is more than enough reason to get one. Think about it. If you don’t have a chipper, there is so much more labor involved.

After cutting down trees and limbs, you then have to cut them down even more to fit them into a trailer — or whatever method you have for disposing of the debris. Anyone that has played Tetris with their limbs while trying to fit them all into a trailer knows how annoying and time-consuming this can be, especially if you have multiple jobs still on the agenda for that day. You either have to haul the limbs around with you and hope you have more room or drive somewhere to dispose of them properly. Neither is ideal.

wood chipper can improve your landscaping business cal-line

If you bring a chipper along, you can simply process all the brush and limbs right there on the spot. The chips are much easier to haul around and dispose of after doing so, and you won’t have to worry about trimming limbs down further, loading and unloading, or running out of trailer room at the most inconvenient time.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

Adding a wood chipper to your fleet will eventually save you money — and possibly pay for itself over time. As you know, the extra labor involved with having your team cut, load, transport, then unload tree brush and limbs can add up real quick. Using a chipper to drastically reduce the tree and brush into chips will slash your labor and free up your team to take on more jobs. Plus, if you’re someone who occasionally rents a chipper, owning one will eventually pay for itself as well.

3. Expand Your Services and Versatility

In some cases, it may simply be too difficult to take on certain landscaping clients who require tree and brushwork beyond what you’re able to cut and transport. Incorporating a chipper into your equipment inventory will instantly increase your capabilities and open your business up to more clients while boosting efficiency on the job site. This added versatility will begin to pay off instantly.

wood chipper can improve your landscaping business cal-line

Bonus Reason: Sell Your Own Mulch!

If you have the available volume, selling your own mulch to customers is a real possibility. You’ll be able to provide and sell your own mulch to your clients, cutting down your costs on purchasing mulch while actively making more money by being able to sell a product that you produced yourself. A smaller horizontal grinder like the Bandit 1425 can easily make this a reality.

If you want to try out a Bandit chipper for yourself — such as the compact 12XPC or the larger 15XP — come by and see us at Cal-Line Equipment. As the largest Bandit distributor in the world, we maintain a huge stock of Bandit inventory that includes everything from hand-fed chippers to stump grinders. We’ll also keep your machines running at peak performance with our extensive parts & service department. Visit us today at any of our locations, or contact our team to schedule a demo. We’d love to show you what these chippers can do in person.

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