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3 Reasons Why the Bandit 3590 Track is the Best Whole Tree Chipper for Wood

We’re big fans of the Bandit 3590 Track Chipper here at Cal-Line. In fact, a few of us would go so far as to say the 3590 may very well be the most impressive chipper in our inventory. That said, we can all agree that it’s the best whole tree chipper for wood — and so would anyone who’s used it themselves.

Although there are more than a few reasons why this is the case, let’s focus on the three biggest ones. Read on to find out why the 3590 is the best whole tree chipper on the market.

1. Unrivaled power and efficiency

Power is at the heart of the performance of any chipper, and the 3590 does not mess around. An available CAT C27 875 HP engine offers the ideal foundation for this chipper’s industry-leading power to make quick work out of any tree you can fit into the throat opening.

The 3590’s engine power is complemented by the additional torque generated by its oversized 37″ x 48″ chipper drum that is outfitted with a total of eight .625” thick x 6” wide x 12.125” long knives that instantly reduce even the densest tree material to uniform chips in seconds. Meanwhile, a 10 5/8″ x 48″ wide bottom feed wheel and standard 7 1/2′ infeed conveyor keep the material flowing into the chipper. All of these aspects work synergistically to ensure maximum chipping efficiency, reducing the overall load on the chipper while reducing fuel consumption.

best whole tree chipper for wood

2. Maximum uptime and longevity

Like all Bandit chippers, the 3590 is built to deliver lasting, reliable performance that remains steadfast throughout even the heaviest and most intense periods of usage. It is constructed with the highest quality components and materials and designed to withstand rigorous chipping day in and day out. Plus, all fabricated components of the hand-welded drum and patented slide box feed system are covered with an industry-leading, extended GUTS warranty for five years.

This combination of quality materials, innovative design, and a standard extended warranty all provide peace of mind and longevity in addition to the consistently superior performance you’ll find with any Bandit chipper. With the 3590, you can head to any job site with the confidence that your chipper is always up to the task, no matter what you throw at it — or for how long.

3. Astounding quickness

The 3590 is ideal for brush clearing, logging, and land waste clearing, where the speed of processing material is paramount to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the job. In these scenarios, a chipper that can operate swiftly is your biggest asset, and the 3590 overwhelmingly delivers thanks to several features and innovative design qualities.

Bandit’s unique infeed system creates one of the easiest feeding chippers on the market, allowing operators to remain busy feeding the machine instead of constantly stopping to reposition the material as it’s fed into the throat. The 3590’s long feed chain brings the material in quicker and ensures a steady feed throughout its operation, all while producing consistent chip quality at an extremely high rate of speed.

For those wishing to increase efficiency even more, the 3590 can be equipped with chip breakers to further reduce chips into smaller pieces. Plus, the chipper’s shoot can rotate 270 degrees in either direction, allowing you to continue feeding it for longer periods without constant interruptions from repositioning trailers or reducing the chip pile.


If you’d like to see what the 3590 can do up close and in person, come by Cal-Line and see why we are the biggest distributor of Bandit chippers in the world. We keep a huge stock of Bandit inventory on hand that ranges from hand-fed chippers to stump grinders and even more. We also have a full-scale parts & service department that will keep all of your machines running at peak performance throughout the year. Visit us today at any of our locations or contact our team to schedule a personal demo; we’d love to help you find the perfect machine for your needs.

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